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Warren Smith Ski Academy – April 30th – Snow Factor vlog

Our UK courses continue to make their way around the country and we are really pleased to have made our long overdue return to Glasgow and the brilliant Snow Factor venue.

Sunday the 30th of April saw the first of 4 dates at the Snow Factor and we had a great turn out of super enthusiastic skiers. The remaining dates are currently showing good numbers so if Glasgow is in easy reach don’t hesitate to book your place on our website now.

The remaining UK dates and venues are as follows.

Chill Factore – Manchester
May 3rd – evening (4pm – 10pm
May 8th – evening (4pm – 10pm)
May 12th – Moguls (12pm – 6pm)
May 15th – evening (4pm – 10pm)
May 22nd – evening (4pm – 10pm)
May 25th – evening (4pm – 10pm)
June 3rd – (10am – 4pm)
June 8th – evening (4pm – 10pm)
June 15th – Moguls (12pm – 6pm)

Snozone – Castleford
May 7th – Moguls (10am – 4pm)
May 9th – Evening (4pm – 10pm)
May 21st – Moguls (10am – 4pm)
June 4th – Moguls (10am – 4pm)
June 18th – Moguls (10am – 4pm)

The Snow Centre – Hemel Paula Hempstead
May 6th – (10am – 4pm)
May 13th – (10am – 4pm)
May 17th – evening (4pm – 10pm)
May 20th – Moguls (10am-4pm)
May 24th – Evening (4pm – 10pm)
May 27th – (10am – 4pm)
May 30th – Evening (4pm – 10pm
June 6th – Evening (4pm – 10pm)
June 13th – Evening (4pm – 10pm)

We hope you can make it along!

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