Cervinia July 2013 The Glacier Skiing Acid Test


Today was a very reassuring day for everybody at the Academy.  We witnessed several hours of thunder and lightening last night in Cervinia.  When we woke up this morning it was still raining heavily.  Typically in glacier skiing resorts this would mean no skiing at least for a day.  That has certainly been the case in the past few years at our previous location.

We were pleasantly surprised to see the motivation of Cervinia and Zermatt actively wanting to get people skiing and on the mountain.  They announced the mountain to be open for skiing at 7am much to the delight of our team and our clients.  The combination of 3900 meters of altitude to ski at and having a pro-active team running the mountain make Cervinia and Zermatt pass the acid test for consistency and continuity for summer skiing.  Thank you Cervinia and Zermatt for giving us what we need to run our summer program!  Well done to all our clients for braving the cold, rain, sleet and snow from today!  (Photo: Rob Stanford  Skier: Ben Mercer)

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