After getting a personal invite to go over to China to help spread the Academy philosophy Warren was blown away by the size of the fan base over there! 1200 book signings and 1500 poster signings have left his arm pretty dead!

Since arriving, he discovered that in most resorts his book titled ‘Go Ski’ is being used as the go-to reference book for skiing!

As well as being a head judge in a national Mogul skiing competition, he also appeared on Chinese national TV talking in front of over 400 people at a prize giving ceremony!

A leading Chinese economist, who skied with Wozza for the day on the 22nd of feb posted on the Chinese version of Twitter about his awesome days skiing. . . . It turns out he has over 5 million followers!

These are exciting times for us here at the Academy as it’s likely that ‘China’ will be on the schedule for winter 2013/14!

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