Tuesday 24th April was the second day of the Dallaglio Flintoff Cycle Slam 2012 ( and it turned out to be a much tougher day than expected. Partly because we’d put in 174km’s the previous day and also because there were some bigger than expected climbs.

Our team manager status was an interesting one as Lee Dixon was demoted (stitched up some say) and Graham Le Saux was appointed. There was great banter between the both of them and the group as the video shows. It made it a really fun day at times when the going got tough. We cycled from Missolonghi to Prevesa and covered 136km’s at a pace that was more than I was used too. Great experience though and a few high speed descents. We also got the story of how Simon ‘Headless’ Hunter got the name headless.

There has been a massive amount of donating going on over the past week and the website is up to £1.2m now which is amazing. Please have a look at the website and continue to donate to the Dallaglio Foundation, the AF Foundation and Virgin Unite. My donation page is Please help me raise my target of £6k, any size donation welcome. Look forward to seeing some of you on our UK courses over May and in Saas-Fee in the summer.

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