Monday 23rd April was an amazing day and one I’ll not forget in hurry. It was the fist day of the and a combination of laugh’s, physical achievement, team camaraderie and amazing views. We started off early morning, 7am at the site of first ever Olympics, Olympia, Greece. Atmosphere was great with an almost nervous feel amongst riders.

My team was being lead by Arsenal legend Lee Dixon. I also had Simon ‘headless’ Hunter and some other guys I’d rode with before. We kept up a good pace and arrived at the bridge which was 130km’s into the journey for lunch. After lunch it was just over 40km’s to the finish in the town of Messolonghi. The last 40km’s was tough was a few long climbs. It didn’t go without incident as I managed to hit a curb on the last few kilometers and nail myself in a ditch! I was helped back on my way by Stuart Block, Rob Heck and Graham Le Saux who said it was a pretty epic crash! Thank you guys for your assistance. I finished the day on the physio table getting my shoulder checked out but nothing bad enough to stop me riding the next day.

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