PERFECT POWDER SKI DAY – Today the clouds finally lifted in Verbier

Warren Smith Ski Academy Japan group fun

PERFECT POWDER SKI DAY!!!! Since my last video blog on Friday it’s snowed a lot more. Today the snow clouds finally lifted in Verbier giving us perfect freeskiing conditions. It’s still dangerous up high so you need to exercise caution and listen to local advice from the lift company and guides but overall it’s been an epic day. I went up to shoot photo’s with Melody Sky ( I think we got a couple of nice shots. Will post some pics later. It’s so nice to be back on my Volkl Shiro’s and in some deep powder. This snow has set us up for a great season. More snow on the way Tuesday morning and it looks like a big storm! I’ll video some updates later in the week. Off to put the Christmas tree up now with my son!

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