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Over the past couple of months Warren has been testing the Scott R.A.S 30 (Removable Airbag System) Backpack which will be released in Autumn 2012. To view the backpack in use please view video clip below.

Weighing in at only 1.2 kgs, the Removable Airbag System is light, compact, and in many situations capable of saving lives. It can be installed within a very short time in a backpack and once installed is immediately ready for use. As soon as you pull the airbag trigger (which is integrated in the shoulder strap), the airbag fully inflates 150 litres of air within 3 seconds. In the event of an avalanche, the inflated airbag can aide in pulling the user towards the surface and can prevent them from being completely buried. The system can be used several times, simply fold the bag and replace the bottle.

Out of all the different types of airbag backpack’s Warren has tested over the years this really does come out top in his opinion. It’s super light weight, compact and 30 litres so perfect for back country days and also compact enough for freeskiing. What’s amazing is the fact that you can totally remove the airbag and use the backpack in other environments. That’s great for him as a ski coach as not all of his days are in freeride conditions. If you’ve ever been considering going down the road of backpacks with airbags this one is definitely worth investing in. Check out Scott’s products at

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