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Canada Heli-Ski – Mar 19th to 27th 2019

  • Powder Camps: Heli-Skiing and Japan
  • Revelstoke, Canada (Heli-Ski Coaching Camp)
  • 19/03/2019

From C$11,150 for a twin/double OR from C$12,550 for a single room pp

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  • About the Course

    19th – 27th March 2019

    The Warren Smith Ski Academy Canada Heli Ski Camp, in association with CMH & Pure Powder, is a unique opportunity to experience the world’s best heli skiing in phenomenal terrain with a focused individual coaching program to ensure that every attendee reaches their full potential, skis with confidence and exceeds their powder skiing expectation.

    The camp will cater for a range of skier abilities; from those who are still at an early stage of their powder skiing abilities and wanting to crack both technique and confidence to hard charging experts who are searching for steeper and deeper challenges.

  • Provisional Itinerary

    Revelstoke (Resort Skiing / Warren Smith Coaching)

    2 days of resort skiing and 3 nights of accommodation

    With over 50 feet of snow expected each year, it’s no surprise they decided to build North America’s longest vertical ski hill in Revelstoke. There’s over 100 ski runs – accessible by two high speed chairs and an 8 passenger gondola – offering extremely varied terrain perfect for a heli skiing warm up. http://www.purepowder.com/lodge/revelstoke-warm-up/

    Accommodation will be in the Sutton Place Hotel which offers super-convenient high-end accommodation at the base of the ski hill.

    During the two days of resort skiing you will be skiing in groups of 10 guests with a dedicated Warren Smith Coach giving you a personal skiing development programme so you are ready to hit the powder!

    CMH Gothics (Heli Skiing / Warren Smith Coaching)

    4.5 days of heli skiing and 5 nights of accommodation

    The Gothics is one of CMH’s largest areas, with a huge variety of long runs across both the Selkirk and Monashee mountain ranges. On offer is a rich mixture of terrain including some of the best tree skiing on the planet as well as Alpine classics such as ‘Run of the Century’! The Gothics has 1,249 sq km of skiable terrain and an average annual snowfall of 18 metres.

    The heli skiing will be in groups of up to 10 guests with one internationally certified CMH mountain guide and one Warren Smith Ski Academy Coach – with up to three groups serviced by one Bell 212 helicopter.  Accommodation is in the Gothics lodge, dominated by steeple-like granite spires reminiscent of Gothic cathedrals, was renovated in 2015. It is a cosy mountain lodge with a laid back vibe that is great for socialising after a day on the slopes.

    For more info and photos have a look at:  http://www.purepowder.com/lodge/gothics/


  • Teaching Content

    • Academy Powder Content

      Achieving correct flex pattern for powder

      One of the biggest areas of development of Powder technique is Ankle Flex development. Most skiers join us with a lack of ankle flex. Most skiers flex at the knee more than the ankle and this puts the skiers weight back. Once it’s back it makes it hard to steer and almost impossible to ski steeps and freeride terrain. Your thighs end up being used to help you stand up rather than being used to help you steer the skis.


      Skier Symmetry 

      Maintaining a consistent width of stance from turn to turn in powder and freeride terrain is one of the most challenging skills to acquire. If the width of the feet fluctuates too much in changeable terrain it severely affects performance as ski’s can split and create an unstable platform in an already unstable environment. We will give you the specific movements and biomechanical knowledge to prevent this from happening and ensure the skeleton is aligned correctly throughout the turn.

      Powder Leg Steering 

      Many skiers suffer from throwing the arms, shoulders and hips around when initiating a turn. This causes a skier to lose a powerful edge hold and throw the weight too much on the inside ski. Overall, a skier will feel vulnerable in powder when initiating.  We’ll unlock the correct way to initiate your steering action and switch on pure leg steering. This will give immense confidence on initiation of a powder turn and put you in control. A lot of the work for this can be done off of snow and at indoor snow domes so see us before you travel!

      Middle Body Strength

      Nearly all skiers that join the Academy courses are never using their middle body strength to its full potential. Many skiers break at the waist when skiing powder or varied terrain. The more dynamic skiing becomes the more you need to activate your core whilst skiing to keep the middle body strong and avoid it collapsing. On the course you’ll learn how to activate your core whilst skiing with simple exercises that are easy to integrate into your normal skiing technique.

      Pole plant & full body approach

      The upper body is equally as important as the lower body when skiing in freeride terrain. We will introduce an arm carriage position and an effective pole plant that can be used to assist with both rhythm and timing and also strength and confidence to move the body laterally towards the new turn.

      Confidence and motivation

      Technique is important but having the confidence in yourself to apply the right movements at the right time in a challenging environment can be the difference between a good run and a bad one. The Academy will motivate and inspire each individual to make sure that everyone is peaked and ready to take on each run with a new found confidence in their abilities.


      Video analysis will play a big part on the heli ski week.  Each person will receive an individual analysis on the mountain during the skiing day.  This will help gain instant results and changes.  After skiing at the lodge, a full video analysis and biomechanics session will take place on two of the evenings.  You’ll get a chance to have your skiing checked in super slow-mo and really see your powder turns in all their glory on the big screen.  All video footage will be made available to each individual after the trip.


      You can email or call an Academy team member directly to discuss the trip in more detail with regards to your technical, physical or emotional level and the specifics of the week that you might have further questions on.  Please email theteam@warrensmith-skiacademy.com or call +41 79 530 4549.

  • Available Group Levels

    • Levels 4-6 (Advanced-Athlete)

      Due to the nature of the course, we only admit skiers at or above Level 4 on to the course. The technical skills required to train and develop safely in an off-piste environment are much higher and hence the reason you have to be level 4 (advanced) before booking onto the course. To easily identify the levels of skiers and roughly assess which you level you are currently at please click here.

      Terrain including: steeps, powder, moguls, variables, trees, couloirs, corridors and of course piste will be skied during the course.

      Skiers wishing to do the course will have good on piste skills and be able to get down most off-piste terrain with technical refinement needed to improve along with confidence building and tactical line choices still needing help. You may not have skied much powder but will be willing and open to going for it.

      As the course takes place in harder skiing environments and at a slightly faster pace, please ensure you turn up as fit as can be (both muscular and cardiovascular) and also confident enough to have your skiing pushed and challenged in these environments.

  • Pricing Information

    The cost of the trip is:

    From C$11,150 per person based on sharing a twin/double room.

    From C$12,550 per person based on a single room

    What’s Included

    Revelstoke Mountain Resort

    All road transfers (via Kelowna)
    3 nights of accommodation in Revelstoke Mountain Resort (including breakfast)
    2 full day ski passes
    Warren Smith Ski coaching

    CMH Gothics

    All road transfers
    5 nights of accommodation
    4.5 days of heli skiing: 21,780 vertical metres of skiing of which 15,250 are guaranteed
    All meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner and non-alcoholic drinks
    Use of CMH Atomic & K2 heli skis
    Training in and use of avalanche transceivers, shovels and probes
    Services of ACMG or IFMGA mountain guides
    Warren Smith Ski coaching

    What’s Not Included

    Lunch & Dinner at Revelstoke Mountain Resort
    Equipment rental at Revelstoke Mountain Resort
    Massages & alcoholic drinks
    Additional skiing over guarantee
    Flights to Canada

  • Booking Information

    Please contact Pure Powder for all bookings by clicking here.

    If you have any queries about your ski level or if the course would be suitable please contact us directly either via emailing theteam@warrensmith-skiacademy.com or calling: +41795304549 for a chat.