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I first met Warren at a ski show in London in 2002 and I was a skier who had just come off a season in Tignes, skied a hundred days and thought I knew how to ski. However after my first day a skiing with the Academy I understood that I was an out of control intermediate and had no idea of independent leg control and power.

As a Chiropractor I have a great understanding of the biomechanics of skiing and it was obvious from the outset that this was a passion of Warrens. He incorporates his skills as a great coach with his in-depth understanding of the human body – which spinal and extremity joints need to be flexible and which muscles are required to fire properly to enable you to ski with confidence and strength. Every year, through consultation with various members of his team of medical, biomechanical and physiological experts, he develops new exercises and drills for the skier to enable them to wake up the dormant areas of the body that are needed to be able to ski effectively.

Many hours of tuition later and a freeride competition under my belt I can confidently say that you will find no one better in the Alps to help you understand how to ski all terrain with confidence

Dr Craig McLean, Principal Chiropractor at Putney Chiropractic, London

I tried one of Warren’s courses last year and have never looked back. Because the courses cover technique but also look at equipment, biomechanics and physiology I was really impressed. Warren’s been the Snow + Rock online technique expert for over 5 years and we’re now incorporating his methods in our boot fitting program. I’d recommend his courses to all Snow + Rock customers

Andy Cuthill, Snow + Rock- Head of Equipment

Like many skiers I blew my ACL last year. In December 2008, I started skiing again on the Warren Smith Ski Academy, Back to Skiing week. Although this is not aimed entirely at skiers returning from injury it was the perfect way for me to build confidence after my injury for the season ahead.

Through coaching I was able to concentrate on elements of my skiing that needed attention, as a result of injury or, more importantly, previously ingrained bad habits. Specific to my injury, I was able to gage the strength of my operated knee, through exercises like one ski skiing, which enabled me to trust my “weak” knee, whilst highlighting far more significant faults.

Many thanks to Warren for giving me the means to get on with my season and not allowing me to use my knee as an excuse for poor skiing. Also for giving me numerous other things to work on to improve my skiing in a fun and confidence building environment.”

I really can rabbit on when I get going, but thanks and really did appreciate all your help at the start of the season. Many thanks, Beanie

Beanie Milne-Home, Age 25, Professional British Freeskier, Scotland

Warren’s coaching method is something I really responded to. It was tough but really effective, a bit like a boot camp, but an enjoyable one. I’ve had so much coaching throughout my rugby career that when I met Warren I quickly realised I had struck gold, his philosophy and teaching methods are different gravy.

Lawrence Dallaglio, Former England Rugby Captain