I have been coached by Warren several times over the last few years and without a doubt it has helped by skiing, my attitude towards conditioning and also my confidence. The big difference is in my leg control and stance. Warren’s coaching has meant I have made the transition from a decent recreational skier to be able to ski much tougher terrain whilst remaining in control and be able to ski it with confidence. I am also attending a Freeski camp which meant I can now (try to!) ride the pipe. The coaching on basic jumping technique has been invaluable to a fun day on the mountain, Warren and his coaches will allow skiers to take their skiing to the next level!

Betony Garner, Age 29, PR Manager, Ski Club of Great Britain, London

The enthusiasm, clarity and dynamism of all Warren’s coaches, spurred every one of us on to significantly greater skill levels. Improvement on this scale is deeply infectious, my advice is book now or be left behind in the doldrums of “old school” skiing!

Neil English, The Mail on Sunday ski correspondent