Recreational Skiers

The Warren Smith 5 day course is one the best ski instructions I have had. Even though it is conducted as a group lesson, the technical instructions were very clear and I found the video analysis especially helpful. Looking forward to attending another one.

Audrey – Verbier, Jan

My wife and I have just completed our third consecutive year in Verbier with the Academy and we plan to return again next year. We both love everything about the Academy. The instruction methods are so effective and all the instructors are excellent. I would happily recommend the Warren Smith Ski Academy to anyone

Will Hills – Verbier, Jan

The Warren Smith Skiing Academy has given me my skiing mojo back !

Caroline Morris-Hills – Verbier, Jan

Had the best week skiing in a long time! I was extremely apprehensive having never undertaken a Warren Smith Ski Academy Course before, but if you want to progress your skiing and your confidence then this is definitely the way forward.

You will be taken out of your comfort zone a lot, but I found that it was only by meeting this challenge and pushing my ability that I gained progression. The instruction provided by Rob was beyond my expectation; he not only provided instruction on what he wanted us to do but also why and how it would improve our technique. The approach of layering the instruction, so your head doesn’t explode with trying to remember everything, was also great.

I can’t recommend Warren Smith Ski Academy enough, and this certainly won’t be my first and last course!

Claire Atkins – Verbier, Jan

I had an excellent week on WSSA, enjoying on piste and off piste instruction. I have skied a fair bit before, but needed to refresh and improve my technique, and improve confidence, all of which I feel I achieved. The instructors are a great team, whom it’s a pleasure to ski with!

Kate McCullagh – Verbier, Jan

The Warren Smith Ski Academy is without doubt the best ski academy in the world. The enthusiasm of all the instructors is infectious and the methods of teaching are fantastic. A particularly good way of highlighting clients strong points and a great way of showing where any skiing weaknesses are is via the video analysis sessions held twice a week. This is a brilliant way of showing what needs to be worked on to improve technique and it works.

Andy and Jane – Verbier, Jan

It was my first academy course and I must say I really learned a lot during week. The course helps you correct any errors you might have in your skiing, and focus on areas where you can improve. I especially enjoyed the mogul skiing, and the technical drills and exercises. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who likes to ski, no matter what level you’re at! As a side bonus the instructors were excellent (better than what I have tried before!) and you get to meet likeminded skiers, all eager to improve their skiing as well.

Carl – Verbier, Jan

Had a bloody amazing week! Fi was brilliant, she pushed us just beyond our limits but also knew when to pull back. It was the right mix of fun, informative, inspiring and challenging! Raf on day one was also great – and the right call to swap me to the other group. Really good course, can’t wait for another. Some of the tips have also now really clicked this week as I’m still skiing in another resort – feel confident although I can hear Fi in my ear shouting LEGS LEGS LEGS!!!

Also pre trip communication was really great too. Really good team. Thanks guys.

Kirsty Brooks – Verbier, Jan

It was so good to know that what ever the weather conditions, we would be making the best use of the snow and the time we had. I had a great weeks skiing in conditions that I would not normall have enjoyed. And learnt so much at the same time. Thank you.

Sally Burrell – Verbier, Jan

Best training I have had. Like the focus on warm up and stretching for cool down. Good information on biomechanics, technique and how to improve away from the slopes. Days are varied and flexible. Great week!

Marc Daniels – Verbier, Dec