Recreational Skiers

Said it before and I’ll say it again: the best, most instructive, engaging and interactive coaches around. Would go with no-one else!

Michele Munro – Verbier, Dec

Claire was a fabulous instructor. She gave the perfect balance of constructive criticism and praise. I have gone from being a snow ploughing (occasional parallel turning) beginner, to a competant and confident skier. Claire is a credit to WSSA. Thank you for a wonderful week.

Faith Johnston – Verbier, Dec

Best ski training ever. Consistent approach to build a set of tools offering you the ability to ski all terrain.

Brendan Moran – Verbier, Dec

This was my first ever ski lesson after 30 years of skiing and I cannot recommend either the Warren Smith Academy course or the instructorrs highly enough. Fiona, Emma and Claire were exceptionally patient but also very clear in their instruction. The method of layering up each individual element was very beneficial to me. Whilst they certainly worked us all very hard they did it with good grace and humour. Whilst apprehensive of the video analysis I actually found it extremely helpful and a nice keepsake at the end of the week. I will certainly look at attending another course in the future!

Mark Thomson – Verbier, Dec

The WSSA is a technical, physical, challenging sports performance programme. If you want to develop in the sport of skiing, this is the course for you. My skiing and my control in a wide variety of terrain and snow conditions has improved significantly.

Stephen Wright – Cervinia, Dec

Well developed theories put into practice and effective training techniques that achieve real results.

Stuart Beatty – Cervinia, Dec

Great week and hopefully I will come again. I learnt loads and am keen to get my skis back on and get out there!

Jill Goss – Cervinia, Nov

I have skied off piste for the last couple of years and thought the piste was a way of getting to the off-piste. But I learned on the course that the piste is the best training for the off-piste and was worked very hard on technique – which has improved. Thanks guys

David Cribbin – Cervinia, Nov

Rob and Jordan are both excellent coaches. They identified my weakness very quickly With a tactical approach and individual feedback I have started to feel changes to my skiing, and ended the course improved. Armed with new tools now its down to me, knowing exactly which elements of my skiing to focus on this season.

Steve G. – Cervinia, Nov

I really want Jordan, Rob, Raf, Andy, Becky and Fi to know that I absolutely loved my time In Cervinia. The WSSA team rocks and you can let Warren know that’s my considered opinion…. I’d mark you all 11/10 across the board!!

Gavin McMillan