Earlier this year we introduced our good friend and official team health adviser Dr Rangan Chatteerjee @drchatterjeeuk to our followers. Over the past 10 years you might have met Rangan Chatterjee on our Academy ski courses in Verbier or Japan. He has been using the #wssa method for many years and is now a very accomplished skier. He spends a lot of his skiing time over a winter season in Chamonix and actually plays in an apres ski band there.

He’s an advocate that lifestyle and nutrition are first line medicine and the cornerstone of good health. His approach combines the best of nutritional science, conventional medicine and advanced diagnostics to find the root cause of illness.

Warren has been been working very closely with Rangan over the past 12 months. With an in depth nutritional evaluation and some of the most advanced blood testing available, Rangan was then able to provide Warren with a nutrition plan with Warren to have more consistent fuel burning sources rather than the quick sugar fixes he was relying upon. He also recommended a personalised plan of supplementation. It took a few weeks for Warren to come off the sugar but once he did and with an improvement in other aspects of his diet, his energy, alertness and performance throughout the day dramatically improved. This had a welcome crossover into Warren’s life when he was not on the mountain skiing or coaching.
As well as making regular appearances on breakfast television Rangan now has his very own prime-time slot every Thursday night on BBC 1 (9pm). ‘Doctor in the House’ is a new three-part health series which sees three normal families inviting Rangan into their lives for two months, to undergo the health MOT of a lifetime. Joining Rangan in one of the up coming episodes is another of the Academy’s fitness professionals Gary ward. Gary of Anatomy in Motion is one the worlds leading experts in Sports rehabilitation.
His motivation is to introduce ground breaking ‘next generation treatment techniques that are fast, effective and rapidly increase mobility. Gary’s work with the Academy has helped us create a better understanding of the human body and how we can use specific movements to make our clients ski technique more efficient.
We hope you can tune in to watch this groundbreaking new show. We are very honored to be working with people who are at the cutting edge of heath care and sports rehabilitation. We continue to listen and learn and hope that we can then filter some of these ideas towards all our Academy members.

It’s also a good time to remind you of the other long term members of the Academy Fitness team, Dr Craig McLean @DrCraigChiro of Putney Chiropractic (who was actually treating Warren this morning and getting him tuned up for the winter as part of his rehab), Dr Jonathan Bell and Claire Robertson of Wimbledon Clinics (Jonathan operated on Warren’s knee this year and Claire consulted on various stages of the rehab).

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