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Saturday 12th November saw the first ever Warren Smith Ski Fitness day in association with the Ski Club take place in Hyde Park, London. Participants were treated to blue skies and mild temperatures as they took steps to get their ski legs in tune for the season.

With faster lift systems nowadays and less time to rest on a chairlift, people are generally skiing for longer over the period of the day. “A day’s skiing is physically demanding and many skiers don’t realise how important it is to have a good level of fitness before you hit the slopes,” said Warren. “By getting your ski specific fitness levels up not only do you increase performance, but you also massively reduce the risk of injury. That’s why we developed a ski-specific programme that will not only get you fit for the slopes, but will also helpimprove your range of movement and overall technique”.

Four main areas were covered on the day. After being taken through a variety of pre ski warm up exercises designed to help prevent injury, participants were introduced to ski biomechanics and range testing. A mixture of tests examined how skiers generally have a weaker or tighter side and how this can affect your technique when turning, particularly on challenging terrain. Various exercises were then practiced to ensure that turns are symmetrical, which will consequently make you a safer skier.

The third step of the programme focused on dry land training – something that can be practiced all year round to improve skiing endurance, strength and technical ability, with the last step taking everyone through various after ski stretches. At the end of a day’s skiing muscles can shorten and get tighter. This can lead to a lack of performance and injury, so a range of stretches to help the muscles maintain good condition is crucial for better performance in the long term and over a typical weeks holiday.

Watch this space for more Warren Smith Ski Fitness days in association with the Ski Club over the coming winter, spring and summer.

For further information on ski fitness visit the Ski Club’s Info & advice section of the website and for more information on Warren Smith’s ski fitness programme, please keep an eye on the Warren Smith Ski Academy website or watch him in action on Ski Club TV.

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