The Masters seasonal training course is the culmination of 20 years of successfully running academy courses! Throughout the years we’ve built up a super relationship with lots of clients and on any given week there tends to be numerous familiar faces who have been coming to academy courses year after year as part of their regular skiing experience.

We’ve repeatedly been asked if we could offer a multi-week/seasonal training program specifically designed for academy regulars who have no desire to do the instructor training course but would love to do a season (or the best part of one) and train with us to dramatically take their skiing to a whole new level.


In 2019 we ran the first Masters academy: a 5 to 9 week seasonal training program designed around the participants to meet their needs and available dates and offer the best possible program to not only excel their skiing to new levels but also have great fun along the way. The closed group trial program was a huge success and we’ll be adding this to our regular course calendar from 2020 onward.

Being a seasonal program the course massively benefits from time to fully engrain good habits and fully develop your skiing. One of our most common bits of feedback from the week’s courses is that you feel great by the end of the course and wish you had some more time to practice and develop – the masters program gives you this with targeted ski training and periods for rest, practice and consolidation throughout.

In addition to the in resort training, the program has a much more personal and bespoke approach to the build up to the season/course. Once booked on you’ll be contacted personally and over the course of a few emails and phone calls we’ll get a gauge of your fitness, flexibility, mobility and current ski equipment. During the coming Summer and Autumn months in the lead up to the course you’ll receive targeted training and advice on the above to get you in the best place possible to go into the course with your best foot forward and get the most out of the training.

To find out more information about our 2020/21 Masters seasonal training course please email the team at or call us on +44 7747 809 545

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