a sit down with a boot fitter

During our recent Technique Lab tour of the UK we took time to chat with Graham Pugh at Rivington Alpine. Graham gave us an insight into his process when fitting boots. If your boot fitter doesn’t go in to these kind of details politely get up and make your excuses to leave.

What to look for in a boot fitting can be hard to know if you have never been to someone with the expertise of Graham. Give the video of the chat a watch so that you can get an idea of the type of knowledge a pro boot fitter should possess. You should be treated as an individual as no 2 feet are the same. Be honest about your ability and if possible have videos of your skiing. Boot fitting is a 2 way street, the more information you can provide the better the boot fitter can do their job. The fitting of your ski boots is paramount to your performance, comfort and enjoyment when skiing.

Take the time to find the best for your feet. A full list of our recommended boot fitters in the UK will be appearing shortly on our website. For now sit back and geek out on the dulcet tones of our man in the North and watch the full video here.