It is looking like good news for our summer skiing program for 2024, with good conditions forecast for the Glacier. As always we will be running a combination of our 5 day Academy ski courses, check dates here, alongside our intensive Level 1 and Level 2 ski instructor course, still a space or two if you’re quick.

In a recent post from RTS info, citing measurements from the Swiss Glacier monitoring organisation (GLAMOS), the glaciers are looking pretty good in 2024. With the past 2 years being catastrophic for glacier health, 2022 being the first time the summer skiing in Zermatt has had to be closed, it is reassuring to hear some positives. The 14 measured glacier sites in Switzerland are showing a 12% to 60% improvement over values taken in the spring since 2010, Snow cover should be around 31% better than it has been over that same period. Whilst it is undeniable that Glacial length has taking a big hit over the past decades, just looking at the measured statistics on GLAMOS will make this very apparent, it is welcome to see some positives for summer skiing in Europe.

With many Gap course providers travelling to the southern hemisphere for their snow fix, it is with great pleasure that we can still keep things a ‘bit’ more local, going someway to limiting the old carbon foot print.

Summer skiing on the glacier