L3 & L4 Instructor Training


The Academy’s L3 & 4 Instructor training programme has been training ski instructors in Verbier and across the world since 2008. Helping them improve their technical skiing and teaching and attain higher level qualifications. Over the years we’ve had excellent results not only in developing instructors and passing exams but also in helping expert skiers take their skiing to new levels.

The program is designed for skiers who have already gained their L2 instructor qualifications (or have skiing skills above this) and include a range of people including those out for the whole season, University Degree students, skiers that still have work commitments abroad but are able to take good amounts of holiday to ski, high level skiers taking career breaks or sabbaticals and those who have retired and followed their passion and skill for skiing since.

The program offers skiers training for their Level 3 or 4 exams a much bigger time window with several weeks running from the start of the season in December until nearing the end of the season in March/April. During this flexible time window,  trainees will be able to book individual weeks to suit their schedule. A minimum of 6 weeks during this period is required.

The Level 3/4 programme compared with Level 2 course is a huge step up and a specific program is made after looking at your technical skiing with the mentality of performance and athletic skiing. The preparation for the teaching module of Level 3/4 is developed between how you are coached by the Academy pro team and also shadowing the Academy pro team coaching other high end recreational skiers including the gap course. Off Piste Mountain Safety training will be covered over specific days of your course taking into account weather and snow conditions. Here’s an overview of the content.

Dates & Costs
Period – December – April
Level 3/4 – 6 week fast track flexible course – £2,400 (minimum 6 week cost, additional weeks – £400)

For full details of the course please click here.

There are set weeks allocated to specific L3/L4 only training. For any weeks outside these you wish to do or for any extra weeks you want to add please contact the team: theteam@warrensmith-skiacdemy.com

Our Level 3/4 program is not only the highest form of technical training but also an in road to possible employment with the Warren Smith Ski Academy in the future.

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