Off-piste skiing with the Supergroup


For skiers looking for the next challenge and to be pushed even further in their skiing look no further than the Academy’s off-piste specific course – the Supergroup.  The Supergroup was devised after requests from Academy clients looking to be pushed more, both physically and emotionally, and have their skiing improved upon and challenged in harder terrain.

The groups will spend the majority of time off the piste, pretty much from the offset of day 1.  All skiers in this group will be skiing with full avalanche kit and protective clothing.

Who is the Supergroup for

Academy Supergroup participants will be skiers from Levels 4 to 6 on our “Skier Levels”

The course has been designed for skiers who have attended Academy ski courses before and therefore have the foundation, technical skills and knowledge in preparation for the Supergroup. Skiers must be confident and capable in all off-piste terrain to join the Supergroup courses.

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