If you’re after a lasting memory of your trip why not have a photoshoot or video edit made to commemorate the trip? If this is of interest you’ll love our photography and videography private package.

You’ll be accompanied during one or multiple days by one of our expertly trained coaches to not only help you improve your skiing but also capture the best moments throughout the day(s) using professional camera equipment, edit the best photos or videos for you and send them over within the next 24hrs.

Price – £699 for either a photoshoot day or video shoot day.

It wouldn’t be possible to do both to the standard we do within one day but if you’d like both please let us know and we’ll package this into a multiple day package based on what you’re after.

If you’d like to book, enquire or get a quote please email us at with what you’d like and we’ll take things from there.


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