Mid-season IASI L1 & L2 Verbier

10 Week Instructor Training: Mid Season course

Course type Instructor Training
Location Verbier, Switzerland
Level 3 - 6
Date 09/02/2025 - 19/04/2025
No. of people   (7 places left)
Full price
CHF 2'499.00

About the course

The mid season instructor training course is the perfect option if you can’t come out in the early season for any reason. You’ll experience all conditions during the 10 weeks and have a fantastic environment to train and develop your skiing and teaching in.

The Academy has years of experience training ski instructors and performance skiing athletes. Since 2004 the Academy has coaching and enabled to pass their exams more ski instructors than you can shake a stick at. The Ski Instructor course consists of ten weeks in the world renowned resort of Verbier, Switzerland. The course includes both the Level 1 and Level 2 IASI ski instructor exams. On successful completion, students are qualified as Level 2 ski instructors. For full details of the course and why to train with us please check out the instructor training page here if you haven’t already done so.

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Prices and options

CHF5,499: 10 wk course only
CHF10,999: 10 wk with catered accommodation
Liftpass not included. Costs 400CHF if under 25

About the qualification

The Level 2 qualification for the course is with IASI (Irish Association of Ski Instruction) and regarded very highly within Europe and internationally. We choose to partner with IASI as Ireland are still a member of the EU which keeps lots of potential future work opportunities open for instructors qualifying through the Irish system.

The Level 2 qualification allows the holder to work in an alpine environment, it is the next step from the level 1 which is restricted to snowdomes and artificial slopes. The Level 2 qualification will allow you to work for a ski school in many European countries, Canada, America, Japan and most other places where you can ski. All ski schools in Verbier accept the Level 2 qualification for full or part time employment opportunities.

To obtain the Level 2 qualification as part of the Instructor training program you will complete a 6 day Level 1 Ski Instructor Course and a 6 day Level 2 Ski Instructor Course. Before taking the Level 2 exam you must have completed the prerequisite hours of shadowing and hold a 2 day emergency first aid certificate for the qualification to be valid which are all included as part of the course.

On Snow

During a typical week you will be working on all aspects of skiing, from your high performance piste skiing to your fundamentals and all points between. Video analysis and learning progressions of teaching skiing will be a constant during your weeks of coaching. The Coaching will run 5 days a week for 7 hours a day, this allows time for practice and consolidation without getting burnt out with what can be fairly intense coaching days. Our group sizes are 6-10, this allows lots of individual focus rather than too much generic feedback.

Our coaching is always grounded in sound biomechanics to create great skiing, we do not train you just to pass exams, we train you to have the tools to continue to progress on your own skiing journey. We do this by giving you the tools to understand what good skiing is and how to achieve it through understanding how the body can work best to get the most out of you and the skis on your feet.

We will take a break during the 7 hours for lunch, a rest and to go over any video or information that is useful for the rest of the days coaching. The coaching weeks are structured in such a way that they will build you up from the foundations, ramping up as we get closer to your exams. This is however, condition dependant, if there is loads of fresh snow there is usually only one thing to do, SNOWPLOUGH! Only joking, we’ll go and make the most of it and have some fun, because really that is what skiing is supposed to be.

During the coaching weeks and exam weeks you will have regular video sessions on an off snow. The video sessions greatly help with understanding, how and where to improve in your own skiing. Doing this as a group also allows the chance to see how your coach works with the rest of the group, giving you valuable insight to coaching skiing.

Off Snow

There is much for you to do after skiing. We’ll run you through a regular cool down routine and go over certain physiological ranges that we’ll be aiming to develop over the 10 weeks – so much of this development takes place off snow and will also help your body feel and move better the following day!

We strongly recommended you make notes from the days skiing, on the personal feedback you received and teaching progressions worked on. There will be some after ski/evening theory sessions, and some slightly more social ones too. Otherwise you are free to enjoy all the other things Verbier has to offer or just relax after a big day skiing.

One of the best ways to get an idea of what goes on day to day on the course and generally get a feel for the course is to check out our youtube blogs from previous courses which you can see by clicking here.


Accommodation isn’t included as standard as part of the course fee but is an optional extra.

If you have already got accommodation or would prefer to find somewhere yourself that’s no problem – please book onto the course without accommodation.

If you’d like to have this organised for you, we have the added option of group accommodation with a shared room and this is fully catered. The price for 10 weeks catered accommodation (based on 2 sharing a room) is 5500CHF pp.

Catered Chalet Tai Pan Verbier Accommodation

Payment & Recommendation

Please book onto the course and make payment for the deposit of CHF2499 via clicking the “buy now” button at the top of this page.

You’ll then be contacted to discuss which version of the course you’d like to go for and if you require accommodation or not. Once we have this information, we’ll let you know the remaining balance which can then be paid off in 1 instalment or 2 equal instalments – one on or before the 15th August and the balance on or before the end of October. Listed above you will see the various prices and options for the course.

Any Questions need advice

Have any questions or would like to chat things over? Feel free to give Nick a call to discuss things anytime on +41 79 578 5591 or drop him email at nickgolden@warrensmith-skiacademy.com. On top of being one the coaches on the course Nick is the instructor course coordinator and manager so will be able to answer any questions you have!