Mar 28th – Verbier 5 day Mogul Academy (Max 4 per group)

  • Mogul Academy: 5 day
  • Verbier, Switzerland
  • 28/03/2021

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  • About the Course

    With the current regulations in Switzerland groups for sporting activities are limited to a maximum of 5 people. For this reason we’ve adjusted all the Swiss courses to be groups of 4 maximum per instructor to comply with the rules. To allow us to do this we’ve increased the price of the courses. As soon as the regulations change we’ll return the course price and group sizes to normal. Please disregard any information below that says anything to the contrary with regard to group size whilst this text is here.

    The winter 5 day group courses run from Sunday to Friday with the Wednesday off (a few courses run to alternate schedules – please always refer to the course title and the pre-course info email). They are designed to build and develop skill and confidence, to enable people to ski all terrains including Moguls, Steeps, Variables, Powder and how to Carve effectively on piste. Skills are developed during the coaching by practicing specific exercises that benefit the main topics. Progressively, the new levels of skill are tested in suitable terrains to build confidence. During the group courses each skier is also looked at from an individual point of view due to the fact that we are all individuals and have different strengths and weaknesses that need identifying and developing.


    Please check your ability level using our 1 to 6 Video Levels System before booking the course to make sure you’re at the right standard for the course. Level 1 is basic intermediate. Level 6 is athlete.

    We meet together as a group everyday at 10am at Ruinettes on the snow (top of the Medran lift which is the base lift of Verbier, Medran-Ruinettes takes about 15 minutes).

    We ski until 3pm and take a lunch break at approximately 12.45pm. Please bring a small or medium size backpack to store your bottle of water and energy bars in. It can also carry your belongings i.e. Ski Jacket, Fleece, Gloves etc if the weather is extra cold or warm. Please note that Wednesday is a rest day from the course and a day for you to freeski.


    We will be filming and doing video analysis on the Monday and Thursday and watching the footage and analysing it after skiing those days. Normally this will take place directly after skiing at Ski Service Ruinettes but times and locations may vary depending on group numbers. The coaches will let you know exact plans on the day. It usually makes a big difference the next day with what you’re working on so it’s a good idea to bring a notepad and pen to make notes.

    Large-Group-Japan-BlogThe groups are a maximum of 8 persons for most courses. This is the standard number of people on an Academy course unless you are doing the “6 MAX” academy course or the Supergroup option which are both max. 6 people. 8 people is the perfect number to work through the exercises set, receive good individual feedback and get to move around the mountain to find the ideal terrain.

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  • Typical Week

    Equipment-check Ski-physiology Ski-biomechanics Foundation-building Video-analysis Developing-dynamics Dry-land-training Carving-your-turns Skiing-moguls Skiing-steeps Off-piste+Powder Likeminded-skiers

  • Teaching Content

    • Mogul Academy Content

      Speed of movement

      To ski the bumps quickly requires fast, correct movements. We will work on the piste/flat as well as in the moguls with specific drills to increase the speed of movement in the correct way.

      Range of movement.

      Moguls require a maximum range of movement in the correct way. This is done with the legs rather than the upper body. We will do specific on piste/flat drills to increase the range of movement in the legs and then take it successfully into the moguls.

      Pole plants and arms

      Mogul specific pole plants are different to general ski technique. We will show you the correct way to plant your poles and carry your arms enabling you to move quickly.

      Control of speed and line

      There are many different ways to ski moguls. Some ways are easier than others depending on the size and shape of the bump and the steepness of the slope. We will teach you both tactically and technically different ways to ski the bumps to maintain control and ultimately enjoy them.


      Looking in the correct place when skiing the bumps will enable you to anticipate your line and trajectory early enough. This is easier said than done and requires a lot of work.

      Body management

      Being able to recover from mistakes quickly is key in bumps. Knowing how and when to adjust your body in the correct way to achieve recovery will be covered on the bumps week.


      Choosing a line tactically to make a strong fluid run is quite difficult. We will help you to achieve “bumps skiers eye” enabling you to pick a line with a good rhythm. Tactics will also cover the way you approach a bump run mentally increasing confidence.

  • Available Group Levels

    • 3: Advanced

      Confident parallel skier on all gradient pistes. Starting to create dynamics in your skiing and challenge yourself in harder non-pisted terrain.

    • 4: Instructor

      Consistent in all terrain, rarely losing accuracy and pushing their speed whilst keeping a high degree of ski performance. Able to transition from piste to off-piste with no hesitations or issues.

    • 5: Expert

      Comfortable and at ease in all terrain. Able to transition from piste to off-piste with no hesitations or issues. Starting to use the terrain and features to be inventive and add an element of style to their runs.

    • 6: Athlete

      Skiers who are actively competing in selected disciplines including Alpine Racing, Freeride, Moguls or Freestyle events. These skiers will be wanting to push themselves to their absolute physical and psychological limits by skiing in the most challenging terrain. These skiers may also be training to acquire their level 4 ski instructor qualification.

  • Travel Information

    For impeccable service and regular low cost flights from the UK to Geneva or Zurich please visit our partners at SWISS. To get to Verbier book a return flight to Geneva Airport. Once you get to Geneva airport you can get to Verbier by Train ( For full details on travel plans to Verbier use the Verbier Tourism website  and click on the ‘Access’ tab. Another excellent website for finding information on Verbier is If you click on the ‘Travel/Transport’ tab you will find every solution.

  • Accomodation Information

    Please click the link below to see information regarding accommodation for Verbier or Cervinia:

  • Pricing Information

    Price: £469 (£439 for Academy Members) – (Course Only)
    Supergroup and “6 MAX” Price: £619 (£589 for Academy members) – (Course only)

    Weekend course price: £269 (course only)

    Private Coaching also available

    Any member of the Ski Academy team can be hired out on a daily basis (subject to availability). Private tuition is better suited to people who require one to one coaching or who wish to bring a group out to the Alps. Private coaching is available in Verbier upon request from November – April. To check availability please contact us


    Full day (5 hours) – £349
    Half day (3 hours) – £229
    *Maximum 7 extra persons. Extra people charges may apply. Other hrs available on request.

    (course fees and private fees are exempt from VAT)

  • Booking Information

    If you need to rent skis or boots or wish to pre-order your lift pass our partners at Ski Service Verbier are offering all Academy course participants a special discounts that you can use towards any type of rental this season and discounts on your lift pass too!  To obtain this discount please click the following link:

    This gives you a massive discount. Please note this discount has to be used online. Their team is also available to advise you on any queries you may have regarding skis and boots

    With regard to which lift pass to get – for all the courses you’ll need a 4 Valley Liftpass to cover the entire area.