L3/L4 Instructor Training Verbier

  • Seasonal + Instructor Training
  • Verbier, Switzerland
  • 04/12/2021

£2,700.00 pp

  • About the Course

    For the last 15 years the academy has been training ski instructors in Verbier and across the world and helping them improve their technical skiing and teaching and attain higher level qualifications.  9 years ago we formalised this training and created our hugely successful L3 and 4 training programs. Over the years we’ve had excellent results not only in developing instructors and passing exams but also in helping expert skiers take their skiing to new levels.

    The program is designed for skiers who have already gained their L2 instructor qualifications (or have skiing skills above this) and include a range of people including those out for the whole season, University Degree students, skiers that still have work commitments abroad but are able to take good amounts of holiday to ski, those taking career breaks or sabbaticals and those who have retired and followed their passion and skill for skiing since.

    The program offers skiers training for their Level 3 or 4 exams a much bigger time window with several weeks running from the start of the season in December until nearing the end of the season in March/April. During this flexible time window,  trainees will be able to book individual weeks to suit their schedule. A minimum of 6 weeks during this period is required.

    The Level 3/4 programme compared with Level 2 course is a huge step up and a specifically developed program is made looking at your technical skiing with the mentality of performance and athletic skiing. The preparation for the teaching module of Level 3/4 is developed between how you are coached by the Academy pro team and also shadowing the Academy pro team coaching other high end recreational skiers including the gap course. Off Piste Mountain Safety training will be covered over specific days of your course taking into account weather and snow conditions. Here’s an overview of the content.

    Technical Skiing
    In preparation for the Level 3 or Level 4 technical course, participants will cover:
    Piste Performance, Powder, Variables, Steep Terrain, Moguls and Freestyle.

    Each week we will train between 20-25hrs on snow (depending on the week) with regular video analysis sessions to help continue development in all areas.

    The weeks will be strategically chosen to maximise training, avoid fatigue and train during the quieter times when the mountain is much calmer and more conducive to productive training instead of queuing and avoiding people on the slopes.

    Teacher Training
    Those wishing to improve their teaching skills will be able to be observe and develop their own teaching skills whilst shadowing high end academy courses such as the gap course, Supergroup course and 5 day academy’s. These weeks will be available in addition to the 6 weeks more technically focussed training during the course itself for those who want it.

    Off-Piste Mountain Safety Training
    The Off Piste Mountain Safety course is an excellent element of the Level 3 that allows you when you complete the Level 3 to teach skiers in off-piste environments (marked and open itineraries). For this exam you’ll need to learn about avalanche awareness, how to effectively use rescue equipment and deal with a rescue scenario, map reading, touring and competent skiing off piste. Continuous training and awareness building will be undertaken during the course whenever appropriate and weather conditions suit.

    Dates & Costs
    Period – December – April
    Level 3/4 – 6 week fast track flexible course – £2,700 (minimum 6 week cost, additional weeks – £400/£500 depending on the week)

    There are set weeks allocated to specific L3/L4 only training. For any weeks outside these you wish to do or for any extra weeks you want to add please contact the team: theteam@warrensmith-skiacdemy.com

    Singular weeks – upon request and where appropriate it can be possible to do singular weeks but the cost will be different to that above. Please email if interested in this option.

    Set dates for 2021/22 (please choose at least 6 out of those below and confirm via email):

    Dec 6th: Mon-Fri 5 day week

    Dec 13th: Mon-Thur 4 day week

    Jan 10th: Mon-Fri 5 day week

    Jan 17th: Mon-Thu 4 day week

    Jan 24th: Mon-Fri 5 day week

    Feb 21st: Mon-Thu 4 day week

    Feb 28th: Mon-Fri 5 day week

    Mar 6th: Sun-Wed 4 day week

    Later dates can be put on if requested.

    (For dates later in the season, as long as minimum numbers are met we’re happy to run these weeks. As it depends a bit on exam dates/times we don’t fix these until we know the exam timetables).

    Please note that lift pass, travel, accommodation, food and insurance are not included.

    Meet the trainers

    We rotate the trainers during the course to ensure you get a mixture of different styles of instruction and coaching and experience a mix of skiing styles too. Our programme isn’t organisation specific and will suit people training for a multitude of systems be it IASI, BASI, CSIA, Swiss or someone else! We firmly believe in developing good rounded skiers that are skilful across the board in all types of skiing and have excellent fundamentals that allow for freedom and flare to skilfully ski anywhere and anything! Jordan Revah, Raphael Edwards and James Heywood will be the lead trainers. They have huge wealth and depth of knowledge with a  background in BASI, IASI and the swiss system. They have different teaching and skiing styles that complement each other beautifully and help trainees get the most from each and develop as super skilful, playful, rounded skiers. Other trainers will likely include Rob Stanford (IASI trainer), Rob Machon (ex-GB freestyle athlete) and Fiona Revah (Freeride athlete) to name just a few.

    Work Opportunities
    Please get in touch if you’re interested in the possibility of work outside of training weeks. This is definitely possible and will be considered on a case by case basis.

    Future Opportunities
    The reputation of the Warren Smith Ski Academy is highly regarded across the world. The Academy Pro Team is not that of a typical ski school. We have always prided ourselves on keeping our method very specific and not diluted through volume. The Warren Smith Ski Academy receives hundreds of  job applications each year from many L3 and L4 instructors looking to work for the Academy. For this reason the Academy Pro Team is a highly sought after position in the world of ski teaching.

    50 percent of our current Academy Pro Team have worked their way through our Instructor training programs and are now current Warren Smith Ski Academy Pro Team Members working internationally with Swiss employment contracts, sponsorship and various other privileges via the position.

    Our Level 3/4 program is not only the highest form of technical training but also an in road to possible employment with the Warren Smith Ski Academy in the future. We are one of the only ski instruction companies in the world that operate internationally in Switzerland, Italy, UK, Japan and Canada and can boast a 10 month a year coaching program. We look forward to meeting future employees of the Academy Pro Team on this years Verbier course!

  • About the Qualification

    This is purely a training course aimed for people looking to work toward and possibly sit their L3 or L4 ski instructor exams (be it BASI, IASI, CASI or NZIA or any other system). The course is focussed heavily on the technical exam but also works on teaching elements and mountain safety skills.

  • Typical Week

    During the course of a typical week, you will participate in several daily activities from aspects of athletic skiing to video analysis and learning progressions of teaching.

    On Snow

    Coaching will run to the schedules outline above with certain week’s being 5 days long and others being 4 days. This is planned to maximise training time without getting too tired and also allowing for practice time and keeping the cost lower. Each day will run for approximately 5hrs on snow with a start time to make the best of the conditions you’ll be training that day. Meeting place for the coaching sessions will typically be at the Ruinettes lift station but will vary based on the plan for the day and the best conditions. After two or three warm up runs we will work through a dynamic warm up routine that will last for about 5 minutes, developing flexibility and range in your muscles. During the day coaching will develop your personal skiing level and focus on Carving, Steeps, Moguls, Freeskiing and All Terrain skiing. Skiers will normally work in small groups relevant to your skiing level and ability.

    The coaching will pick up and identify your weaknesses and areas that require development and focus. Nearly all skiers have a weaker turning directions and often this is routed in physiological and biomechanics blocks. With the academy Biomechanics Assessment this will be identified, worked on and corrected. It is also treated as an educational insight into teaching your first clients and how to look for weaknesses and check out Left/Right side body differences.

    Lunch or a coffee break will be at a strategic, convenient time in the day where the coaches notice you need a re-fuel or it suits the plan for the day (for example to watch some video analysis quickly over a coffee). After the break you will be developed further and drills that were worked on in the morning will be put into practice on specific terrain. Outside of the coached time with the group you’ll have time to free ski, practice or head down and rest. Lifts in Verbier are open from 8.45am to 4.45pm so there is ample time to ski for yourself.

    Most days each week video analysis will take place during the days skiing. This footage will be analysed either on the hill or later that day depending on what’s most beneficial. A full analysis will take place on your skiing and any biomechanical issues you have with your skiing will be visually explained with a specific process of how you will change and modify your skiing. On certain weeks you’ll be provided a written debrief with aims, focuses and areas to target for development (normally after the 2nd week). We find this is incredibly useful at an early stage to reinforce the good work going on up the mountain and give you clear direction of where to self-train and practice when skiing outside the course.

    Off Snow

    There is much for you to do after skiing. The first thing will be to run yourself through a warm down and stretch routine with the same stretching elements as the warm up routine in the morning. After that, you should (strongly recommended) make notes from the days skiing on the personal feedback you received and teaching progressions worked on. After you have completed this, you are free to do what you please and in Verbier there is no shortage of activity to keep you occupied.

  • Teaching Content

    • L3/L4 Training content

      This is purely a training course aimed for people looking to work toward and possibly sit their L3 exams (be it BASI, IASI, CASI or NZIA or any other system). The course is focussed heavily on the technical exam but also works on teaching elements and mountain safety skills.

      All technical aspects of skiing will be covered including Piste performance, variables, freestyle, steeps, powder, moguls and fundamental aspects of skiing.

  • Available Group Levels

    • 4: Instructor

      Consistent in all terrain, rarely losing accuracy and pushing their speed whilst keeping a high degree of ski performance. Able to transition from piste to off-piste with no hesitations or issues.

    • 5: Expert

      Comfortable and at ease in all terrain. Able to transition from piste to off-piste with no hesitations or issues. Starting to use the terrain and features to be inventive and add an element of style to their runs.

    • 6: Athlete

      Skiers who are actively competing in selected disciplines including Alpine Racing, Freeride, Moguls or Freestyle events. These skiers will be wanting to push themselves to their absolute physical and psychological limits by skiing in the most challenging terrain. These skiers may also be training to acquire their level 4 ski instructor qualification.

  • Pricing Information

    6 weeks flexible training (to be taken in full week blocks): £2700

    Additional weeks: £400 or £500 depending on the week. 4 day week’s are £400, 5 day week’s are £500.

    Singular weeks – upon request and where appropriate it can be possible to do singular weeks but the cost will be different to that above. Please email if interested in this option.

    (course fees are exempt from VAT)

  • Booking Information

    All applicants will need to go through a telephone interview with Rob Stanford before receiving a placement on the course. The aim of the interview is for Rob to assess your skiing standard, experience and general attitude towards the course. Contact Rob on +447747 809545 to arrange a convenient telephone interview time.


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