Core stability

Becoming aware of core stability and how to activate your core whilst skiing will help deal with the pressure that skiing puts through the middle of your body. This will allow you to ski more varied terrain, at higher speeds and without holding back your ski technique.

Numerous skiers are unaware of the importance of core activation when skiing and how to activate their core effectively. The majority of skiers spend most, if not all, of their time skiing from turn to turn with very little or no middle body strength. If you ski with minimal strength in the middle of your body and core you run the risk of crumpling when you encounter force. The result of this would be a break at your waist where your shoulders are thrown forward and your hips (centre of your mass) drop back to compensate. This puts you out of balance and puts you in a weak and dangerous position to manage the forces encountered when skiing.


The reasons for this are

Lack of middle body strength
Ineffective core activation
Lack of awareness in how to activate core muscles for skiing

Our Solutions

Core stability test

There are a variety of ways you can test your core strength and stability. We’ve chosen a fairly well known exercise – the side plank which will help work the deep spinal stabilizing muscles. Keeping these muscles strong can help reduce your risk of a back injury and reduce the risk of crumpling under force when skiing. It also strengthens your core without stressing your back unlike crunches or sit-ups which can put pressure on your lower back.

Please have a watch of the following video to see how to perform the core stability test safely and accurately.

Core stability test
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Pre-ski Core activation exercise

Before any physical activity, it’s always important to warm up appropriately and activate specific muscle groups that will be required. For skiing we always start the day with a on snow warm up which amongst other things should incorporate core activation exercises.

Please have a watch of the following video for an explanation of how to activate your core before skiing.

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Off snow core exercises

Developing and strengthening your core muscles is incredibly easy to do off snow and probably one of the areas you’ll already be fairly familiar with. Not only will strengthening this part of your body pay dividends when out skiing, it will also help in all walks of life and generally is a good idea for back safety and injury prevention.

Please have a watch of the following video for some simple exercises and advice to help develop and train your core and ability to activate it when needed.

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Off snow core exercises
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On snow exercises and tactics

There are lots of good exercises that can help remind you to activate your core whilst skiing. Additionally, tactics and how you choose to ski certain terrain can play a huge part in how you position your skis and body to deal with force. This can help minimise the load we have to take through our body and core making it easy to stay activated and generally stable whilst skiing.

Have a watch of the following video for some tactically advice on skiing off-piste terrain with core activation.

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