Recreational Skiers

It wasn’t until my first day skiing after my week with the Warren Smith Ski Academy that I realised how much my technique and my attitude towards skiing had changed. Having skied countless years without any coaching and being capable of skiing on and off piste, it was the feeling that I wasn’t making the most of my new equipment that lead me to the Academy 5 day course. From the first bit of feedback from Rob, my instructor, it became very clear that over the years my skiing had become very one dimensional and in many ways very lazy. I cannot praise highly enough the coaching methods used throughout my course week. The verbal explanations, backed up with demonstrations and drills, expertly changed each aspect of my skiing. Rob was able to balance the feedback to the group and the individuals to ensure each members’ particular areas for change/improvement were addressed. Video analysis and especially seeing yourself skiing in slow motion is a fantastic teaching aid, even if a little disappointing to see that you’re not quite the ski god you thought you were. The course has certainly reinvigorated my skiing and I’ll definitely be back for more as it has shown there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

Iain Morton, 19th January Supergroup 13, Verbier. Academy coach – Rob Stanford

I recently took the 5 day Warren Smith Academy course in Verbier. It was easily one of the best investments of time & money I’ve made. The Academy is extremely well organised in terms of agenda, focus, video but more importantly the coaching team are top notch, tuning our technique, constantly pushing me to achieve more and always singing my praises. Positivity throughout. Quite seriously, I don’t know how you could do any better in 5 days of training. I was a beginner, with quite poor skills in skiing, and through the week, we went from doing basic turns to confident carving and tackling some of the toughest mogul runs in Verbier. A job well done guys, plenty of fun and quite impressed with the results!

Steve Smith, 23rd February 13, Verbier. Academy coach – Jordan Revah

Back in harness after a great week’s Supergroup with Charlie. We had a fantastic time & our skiing improved hugely, all down to Charlie. We have been having lessons in various resorts every season for nearly 20 years so we are well qualified to judge ski instructors & Charlie is the best we have come across. Thanks to him & everyone at WS for a superb week & we look forward to doing the same again next season.

Steve Davies & Karen Green, 23rd February Supergroup 13, Verbier. Academy coach – Charlie Tate

Rob was amazing. He pushed and made us realise how much more we could do and that we could ski way beyond what we thought our capabilities where. He made our week both challenging and enjoyable. Thank you Rob, we had a fantastic time.

George & Diane Buchanan, 2nd March 13, Verbier. Academy coach – Rob Stanford

Once again, thanks to the Academy for another great week of skiing and coaching. Having already attended a couple of Academy courses in the last 15 months, I decided to go for the Supergroup course for the first time, and, wow, what an experience! The Supergroup is hard, fast and full on but i skied in places i would never otherwise have skied. We headed mostly off piste all week, down steep faces, bumps of all shapes and sizes, through trees, steep and narrow couloirs as well as hunting down free ride terrain and secret playgrounds – all in the expert hands of our coach Charlie who is worthy of special praise for his patient approach, explaining techniques simply but precise and didn’t mind going over techniques again and again until it clicked. Add to that, Charlie gave plenty of individual feedback for me to work on and he is a credit to ski with. The enthusiasm from all the Academy coaches just make the course addictive and the methods get results. We’ll be back again – there’s always new things to work on.

Mark Duggan, 2nd March Supergroup 13, Verbier. Academy coach – Charlie Tate

A huge Thank you to Stefan – we couldn’t have wished for a better instructor for the week. He was incredibly encouraging, even when things weren’t going well and challenged us to keep improving. I felt in safe hands even when struggling down in the thick mist and came away feeling much more confident and really determined to keep going. I certainly plan to join you again for another Academy week.

Peter Lovatt, 9th March 13, Verbier. Academy coach – Stefan Nilsen

I have been skiing a long time and have had lots of lessons over the years including groups and private 1 on 1. I can honestly say that the weeks tuition and skiing I received on the Warren Smith Academy course was, by a long way, the best weeks skiing I have ever had, and this despite suboptimal visibility and quite flat light for a significant proportion of the course. By the end of the week I was skiing deep, steep powder through trees – I would never have dreamt of doing this before. If you’re a ski geek like me who wants a challenge and will not be satisfied until you’ve skied Tortin at speed, I really recommend this course. I will be going back next year.

Chris Hammond, 23rd March 13, Verbier. Academy coach – Jordan Revah