Warren Smith Ski Academy

The Warren Smith Ski Academy is famous for its level of excellence at training recreational skiers, ski instructors and athletes.

About the WSSA

About our courses

The Academy is famous for its level of excellence at training recreational skiers, ski instructors and athletes. The courses cater for intermediate, advanced and expert skiers. The concept of the course is building the individual’s skill and confidence to enable them to ski the whole mountain and not to be restricted to terrain.

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Courses cover a wide range of the
skiing spectrum – some examples of which are:

Freeride/ powder skiing
Skiing moguls
Skiing steeps
Piste Performance skiing
Ski instructor training
Gap year ski instructor programs
Assessment of Ski biomechanics
Personal ski performance
Corporate ski groups
Seasonal training programs
Freestyle skiing

About our private lessons

Private ski lessons are a fantastic way to accelerate your skiing and learning process and really focus on areas of your skiing that need attention. We offer many different private products to cater for your needs – all bespoke and designed with what you want to achieve in mind. For beginners we believe private lessons are the only way to go – if you get the fundamentals right from the start you set yourself up for success in the years that come.

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What makes
us unique

Technique, Biomechanics and Equipment: these three aspects of skier development will be worked on together at all times to guarantee success. All courses consist of 5 hours of coaching each day and video analysis sessions.





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The Warren Smith Ski Academy pro team are not only internationally qualified coaches and instructors but a group of elite professionals who have been hand picked and trained by Warren Smith to provide the classic Academy product of coaching that combines Ski Technique, Ski Biomechanics and Ski Physiology. Get to know a bit more about all the coaches and about the Academy itself.

Get to know the team and the history of the Academy

Technique lab

Visit the Ski Technique Lab to get yourself ready to ski and unlock your full potential!

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Ankle flex range

Improper flex of the ankle will force a skier to compensate with other points of the body. Usually, over flexing at the knee. Either due to a lack of mobility, strength, technical awareness or sub optimal equipment. Are any of these factors holding you back?

Skier symmetry

Learn to activate the muscles controlling adduction and abduction in the legs, essential to maintaining a functional stance. Without the ability to control the inside and outside leg a skier will struggle to maintain control of the skis. Are you in control?

Leg steering range

Many skiers use the upper body to affect a change in direction of their skis, this is wrong. The most effective way to create a steering of the skis is by using our legs independently of the upper body. Do you have the range to unleash your skiing potential?

Dynamic Flexion & Extension

How and when we flex our legs whilst skiing massively influences our ability to ski well and effectively. Do you have the correct patterns and strength to maintain good alignment through this movement range? Do you know when to apply these movements in your skiing?

Improved leg lean

Without leaning the skis cannot do their job. With too much leaning the ski may not be able to keep you from falling over. A sufficient range of movement to be able to separate the upper and lower body at the hips is essential to achieving great skiing. How’s yours?

Core stability

Being strong in this area of the body will enable you to withstand the stresses and strains that skiing puts on the body, whilst greatly improving your chances of avoiding certain injuries and ensuring your body can function to allow great skiing. How stable is yours?

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We’re very grateful to everything our sponsors do to support us and have done in the past. Without them the Academy wouldn’t be as it is today. Please click below to get further info about each of our sponsors and get to know what they do and how they may be able to help you in the future.

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If you have any questions or want to get in touch with others to arrange travel, accommodation share or just chat about stuff please use the Academy community forum to do so.

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