The Warren Smith Bike Academy

Experience the delights of the Swiss Alps in the summer. Guided tours around Verbier and the surrounding area. Take in the stunning scenery, enjoy some of the best trails in the world by day and enjoy all that Verbier has to offer by night. If you’ve never been to Verbier or the Alps in the summer time be sure to consider it – you won’t be disappointed!

Guided Day Tours

Book a bike guide for the day! Get to know trails appropriate to your ability with useful tips and tricks along the way. Whatever you’re after we can cater for it – be it experiencing the best enduro trails of the area, learning the ropes with some culinary delights along the way, visiting the vineyards in style, lapping the bike park or anything else – we’ve got you covered!

Lunch/break stops are essential for this duration – please let us know if you want us to book somewhere nice in or if you’d rather picnic in the wild. We’d be happy to arrange either

Price – 450CHF for up to 7hrs for 4 people

(extra fees for more people – can take unto 8 per guide. extra fees if picnicking al-fresco!)

Guided Half Days

If time is of the essence and all you can squeeze in is a 3hr session; go for the half day option! 3hrs is a great amount of time to be out on the bike and fits in great with working afterward, joining back up with family and friends for non-bike related activities or continuing to explore on the bike in your own time.

Price – 250CHF for up to 3hrs for 4 people

(extra fees for more people – can take unto 8 per guide)

Photo or Videoshoot

All our guided tours can be complimented by a dedicated photographer and/or videographer to capture some of the best action of the day. The scenery is truly stunning and what better way to remember it than this! If interested just ask and we’ll check availability and get back to you with the additional cost.

Booking & Contact us

If you’d like any further information, have any questions or want to book in with us please get in touch via email or phone:


Call or WhatsApp: +44 7747809545

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