Genève Airport is the closest and most convenient, it has a huge amount of flights per day Geneva to Verbier takes approximately 2 hours by car or taxi and only 2.5hrs by train.


The drive to Verbier is pretty and the roads are well maintained. You will need to take chains, winter tyres are also recommended, for your car as the roads may be very icy and snowy in Verbier. If you are renting a car in Geneva, these are usually provided, however do check.

If you do not have parking at your Verbier destination then it is a good idea to unload your luggage and then park in one of Verbier’s car parks.


Is there parking in Verbier? There are 3 main car parks in Verbier. There is one in the centre of town at the ‘Place Centrale’. There is also a car park on the entrance to Verbier, and lastly at the ‘Centre Sportif’ – Verbier’s Sports centre. For free parking you can take the option of parking in le Chable at the bottom of the valley and taking the bus or gondola up to Verbier. For more information contact Verbier Tourism on +41 (0)27 775 3888 or e-mail