Technique lab and expert program

It is the final stop on the Technique Lab tour of the UK tonight at Profeet in Fulham. Over the past 4 weeks we have tested hundreds of skiers from Perth to Portsmouth. This year has seen an expansion of the Technique Lab both on tour and on our website, with new updated resources at your fingertips. We have also launched an Expert Program, this begins with a mini manual/document which goes into more detail on technique, the tests, the biomechanics of skiing and how equipment can affect this. This document will be delivered to all attendees of the Technique Lab, along with the first level of certification. It is otherwise available for purchase on our website in the Technique Lab section. As we move forward we aim to use our Expert Program to aid in the education of shop staff, interested parties, from regular skiers to other instructors and all between. The program has 3 levels of accreditation; education, expert, and trainer. The expert and trainer level will be more in depth sessions, allowing the holder to deliver the Technique Lab and as a trainer being able to train others to deliver the Technique Lab.

This will be a way for skiers to expand their knowledge and us to build a network of accredited UK industry leaders that you can trust and we can trust to serve you best. For any further information do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in finding out more.

We have handed out our first Expert level certificates to Karla at Craigdon Mountain Sports Perth, Fraser and Ally at Glide and Slide in Otley, Graham at Rivington Alpine in Adlington, Rob and Matt from Equinox Gyms. Our first Accredited Trainer certificate was delivered to Alex Goldsmith from AStepAtATime who can also be found fondling feet at Solutions 4 feet in Bicester and the eponymous Ski Bartlett in Hillingdon.